вторник, 10 января 2023 г.


 I've completed these Mourners right before the New Year holidays. I've tried to bring more "life" (and colors) to these classic "black on black" miniatures.

четверг, 15 декабря 2022 г.

Salted Seadevil

 Salty Sea Devil addon and Bones nightmare crewbox. Captain Mary Blacktoungue would be pleased I guess.

Main color for the skin is Lupercal Green (GW) with addition Military Green (VMC)/Dark Sand (AK3G) ti the highlights and Phthalo Green (A502) to the shades.

пятница, 10 января 2020 г.

Yellow-Black chevrons part2

Yellow and Black Chevrons, Part 2

In this part, I would like to explain a little more how and why this method of drawing chevrons is used.
Firstly, a yellow underpainting with highlights is drawn in order to leave the impression of a single surface, but not a set of color stripes if you draw them separately. To enhance this, we also make glazings with brown at the end.

Secondly, a little about how exactly the place is chosen for the black lines, which will then become part of the stripes. In the general case, it is important for us to leave the most highlighted area part of the yellow strip (otherwise why did we make these highlightings:-). So we draw the first line (a) somewhere on the border of the most highlighted area, and the second line (b) we set the width of future stripes. The remaining lines are then drawn taking into account the selected width.

If we want to make chevrons, not strips, then after highlighting the yellow substrate:

1. draw a vertical line in the center (a)
2. two lines at 45 degrees from the top point (b)
3. draw two lines (c) with which we will set the approximate width of the stripes.

After that we draw the remaining strips and complete the work as in the general case.

P.S. Here I used NMM recipe from Traitor-Librarian project,

but you may use any other Golden NMM recipe as in part one

понедельник, 6 января 2020 г.

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